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Bespoke Garden Designs

A Drawing of a wall in a garden

Make your dream a reality

Whether you wish to redesign part or your whole garden, we will work with you to produce a garden design package which is best suited to your needs while making your dream garden a reality.

The relationship between indoor and outdoor living spaces is crucial to creating an environment you feel comfortable in. Effective outdoor garden design is not an afterthought, gap filler or about creating a great view from within, it’s about making everything work together.

Grass Tiger has a reputation for being professional garden designers. Our talented team can help make your house surroundings look just like you want them to.


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Our garden design process

  1. Initial Meeting
    An initial meeting (approximately one hour) is set up to discuss your requirements and aspirations for your property. This meeting identifies those issues that you want addressed, how you want your particular style expressed in your garden, budget and fee arrangements.
  2. Fee Proposal
    A fee proposal for your garden design project is forwarded within 3–4 working days following our initial meeting. This will summarise our initial discussion and outline our services and associated fees. You will be asked to confirm in writing if you wish to proceed.
  3. Garden Site Survey
    A site survey is undertaken to analyse and survey the existing garden. This involves the taking of site measurements, levels (as required) and photos. If the property is large, or the site is complex, a surveyor may be required.
  4. Design Presentation Meeting
    A presentation meeting within 2–3 weeks of our initial contact will allow us to present our introductory design ideas through the use of an initial concept garden design, sketches, photographs and other visual aids – these tools will allow us to discuss and refine the garden design until you are happy.
  5. Finished Plan & Design
    A plan & design will be produced and presented to you along with planting notes.

What’s next?

A garden design that is formalised on paper gives focus to the implementation of a design and ensures that a cohesive style is maintained.

The garden plan illustrates the layout of your new garden, and how the components fit together:

Accompanying notes on the plan will give an expanded explanation of the ideas expressed visually.

Garden designers in London and Surrey present garden design
Grass Tiger's: garden design plan

Benefits of a Plan
Garden design plan from Grass Tiger

Benefits of a plan

A plan tests out ideas, and ensures:

A garden usually evolves and improves over time, so a plan also provides a framework that can be referred to in the future.


Our fees are typically structured around the following services:

Each of these will be presented and discussed with you. Following this, any modifications will be redrawn and represented for your acceptance.


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