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Pools – Case Studies

Grass Tiger – Pools Case Studies

Blueprints for GrassTiger Pool Build

With this pool build we started off with a blank canvas all we had was the body of a pre existing pool that needed to be converted into a natural swimming pool surrounded by bonds with marginal and water planting to blend the pool in to this amazing backdrop. This area was used to a degree by the client but as you can see the potential for this area is vast. There is a pre-existing cascading waterfall that will now link in with one of our ponds and this then links the new and old landscaping in this amazing sprawling valley garden in Woldingham.

Our client really wanted to create an area separate from the house that meant you could be quite self contained while using the pool, including a summerhouse with a green Sedum roof to help it blend in to it lovely natural surroundings ( if you would like to read more about green roofs go to ), south facing aspect to make the most of the sun in the summer and winter inside and out, a decking area suspended over the pool for easy access to the pool but also so you can relax close to the water.

The summer house has all of the facility’s including, WC, Kitchen and a big internal relaxation area. There is also an area of paving to allow unfettered access to any area of the pool but also giving ample room to have friends and family over to enjoy this amazing outdoor space.

One of the biggest challenges was site access, all materials and Machines had to be brought in down a steep grass slope and initially we had huge downpours of rain.

Foundation of Original Pool
Eco Gravel Pathway

We constructed a path using eco gravel a system of interlocking grids that could be pined to the grass and used a tracked barrow to minimise the man power required to move all of the material required and there was a lot even if you just consider the amount of stone required to construct the gabion wall.

The surrounding area needed to be cleared and levelled so we could build a Gabion wall to retain the soil, stabilise the ground to hold planting and natural ponds to surround the existing pool shape.

To read more on Gabion walls go to

After the Retaining wall was built we started gutting the pool of all existing pipes, pumps and filters to make room for the new Natural filtration system supplied by Clear Water Revival, this insures they are 100% chemical free and enable you to swim in crystal clear, drinkable water 365 days a year.

Everything can be monitored via an app on your phone. Your natural swimming pool water is pumped though the bio-filter where the unique filter media and friendly bacteria work together to remove organic nutrients from the water. This prevents any algae or nasty bacteria from being able to grow by starving them of the essential nutrition they require.

To read more about the natural filtration systems go to

Constructing of Retention Wall Swimming Pool
Natural Swimming Pool Installation PVC Liner

Once the pipework and filtration system are in place we then reseal the pool with a PVC tear resistant liner to insure no leaking around the seals of the new pipework and filters.

As you can see either side of the pool we have constructed natural ponds using natural stone reclaimed from the area we dugout around the pool to help the pond blend in with the cascading waterfall that pre-existed project, when the ponds are complete and filled with water we will plant with Marginal and water plats to help blend the ponds and pool blend in to the surrounding area.

This project is still under construction and we will post updates once completed.