We take great pride in the work we do. It’s the space that you live in, so we work our hardest to make it reflect who you are and how you live.

Whether you need a simple makeover for your lawn or garden, or are looking for a complete landscape-maintenance solution – which can include taking care of hard installations such as paving, decking, fencing, irrigation and garden lighting – we can provide you with a high-quality, hassle-free service.

Garden maintenance services

Our maintenance packages are tailored to fit your requirements. The one that’s most suited to your garden might follow on from an initial design process, or it could take the form of a one-off job to restore and revitalise your outdoor space (in this case, we would provide you with a free written quotation detailing our recommendations).

We recommend that our landscape clients take advantage of our follow-up maintenance visits in the 18 months after a new landscape has been installed. A detailed maintenance schedule will be produced as required, which will ensure the garden develops beautifully during its critical early stages.



Over the past year Grass Tiger have been responsible for the maintenance of this beautiful garden in Richmond, south-west London. Prior to maintaining the garden we had initially laid 170m2 of reclaimed buff Yorkstone paving. The client was so happy with our work that we ended up landscaping their entire garden over a six-month period.

Garden maintenance services

The design introduced many new features to the garden, including: a pond with waterfall; a bespoke 1.2m water-blade feature; and a new lawn with its own pop-up irrigation system. In addition we replanted and irrigated all the flowerbeds; introduced new hedging and a raised herb planter; installed new water points and power points around the garden; and constructed a new front wall and copping stone, as well as a new driveway and back patio – all in reclaimed Yorkstone slabs.

We also built a children’s play area, which was made up of a playhouse, kids’ moulded play equipment, a sunken trampoline, stepping logs and a lovely seating area in which the parents can relax while their children have fun.

Kids’ garden play area


As the project developed we continuously shared ideas with the clients. By listening to their feedback and remaining faithful to their vision we were able to design and build the garden they wanted.

After the garden was completed, we provided a gardener who works with the clients on a regular basis to ensure that their landscape remains looking its best at all times. We also scheduled a maintenance manager to make regular visits to the property, to ensure our clients remain delighted with the standard of work provided.



This has also been a great opportunity to keep the project moving in the right direction. As the garden is an ever-evolving environment, we don’t just want to maintain gardens – we like to continually improve them, to realise our clients’ vision and exceed their expectations.

For this garden we introduced a comprehensive lawn-care programme, which keeps the grass in golf-course condition. These are some of the steps involved in achieving this:

  • Applying lawn sand to control moss and enhance the colour of the grass.
  • Scarify: the removal of moss, thatch, debris and organic matter for drainage purposes.
  • Hollow care: removing plugs of soil from the lawn to allow air and water to penetrate.
  • Over seed: spreading additional grass seed to ensure the lawn’s quick recovery and promoting the grass as the dominant species growing on it.
  • Apply topdressing: sand-heavy soil is used to fill hollow core holes while maintaining an open drainage system.
  • Fertilise: helping to boost the lawn’s recovery growth rate over a six-week period.
  • Lawn and weed treatments: spraying fungicide and using other methods to protect the garden from problems such as red thread, Fusarium patch and broadleaf weeds.

Our gardeners are fully trained to deal with any such requests, possessing valid spray licences so that we can professionally control any pest, disease or weed problem that appears in your garden.

We’ve enjoyed working in this garden; it has been a very rewarding project for us. We have collaborated on it with the clients from the planning phase and it has been a real pleasure to develop their vision of a dream garden into a reality.

Seeing the children playing in the purpose-built kids’ area has been particularly fulfilling. This area is visually striking but practical and functional too – and it’s gratifying to know that the parents can relax and enjoy the garden in afternoon sun just as much as the kids do.



Our garden maintenance work also involves the monitoring and treatment of the pond, waterfall and other water features to ensure that algae levels and waterweed stay at an absolute minimum. These features were created to produce areas of tranquillity while leaving the garden practical and functional.

Kids’ garden play area

The water blade, for example, was added to modernise the garden, bridging the gap between traditional and modern aesthetics by using stainless steel and natural stone.

Each of these water features is functional too. The sound of trickling water adds to the overall tranquil effect, while also masking the noise from the Heathrow flight path overhead, and from the train tracks, which pass by the bottom of the garden.

The pond looks very peaceful and, visible from the kitchen’s seating area, is a great focal point for the garden. It also provides an excellent natural habitat, attracting a wide range of wildlife: birds, insects, frogs and water bugs. Fish have also been introduced, and the children love to watch them from the log that we secured next to the pond.

Watching the fish swim, monitoring tadpoles as they turn into frogs and keeping track of all the other wildlife that makes its home in and around the water is a perfect pastime in any beautiful garden.





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