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Design – Case Studies

Case Study: Victorian Path

Blueprint for Victorian Garden Path


With this garden design, we were involved from the initial consultation through the design process to implementation. We worked closely with the clients, Maggie and James, to capture exactly what they wanted.

Situated in a quiet residential road in Kingston upon Thames, this front garden redesign had to look striking but also fit in with Victorian features of the property. It also had to be practical to fit in with Maggie, James and their family’s day-to-day life. To cope with traffic of a big family we created a herringbone path through the front garden; we also accommodated the bin store at the side of the house, allowing ample access to take the bins to the front gate.

Initially the front garden was in a bad state – the grass was being worn down due to the bins being stored around the side of the house and the lawn being used as a throughway by the family and pets. Maggie and James used the front garden to catch the last of the sun at the end of the day. They also liked to sit there and have a glass of wine and listen out for their children as they played with their friends in the surrounding streets – hence the seats and table.

The front path that had been laid years before had subsided over time. We came up with the most elegant and functional option of having a herringbone path and seating area – the path leads to the seating area but also to the bin store around the side of the house. The herringbone path is quite wide, leaving the perfect space either side for planting a selection of seasonal interest plants. The result is a low-maintenance area that is functional but also a lovely setting to relax.


Dug Out Garden for Herringbone Path Placement


We removed the existing path and installed a Victorian tile path (tiles supplied by London Mosaic) with rope edging. Existing edging had moved over time; however, we salvaged as much of the old rope edging as we could. We supplied new edging to match the old and painted with masonry paint to give a really even matched finish and added planting either side to add colour and interest (supplied by The Palm Centre).

The house and the street aren’t square, so we had to find a solution for how the path meets the street. We made a bespoke step tread with Buff York stone and mirrored it on the house porch to add continuity – the same was also achieved with the Buff York stone path and steps that were laid down the left-hand side of the house. The gate pillars had to be rebuilt; we also made bespoke render pillar caps to match the neighbours.

All the beds were fitted with irrigation to help the planting establish over the next two years, and lighting was installed in the seating area, making it usable during the warm summer nights. In the winter you can look out from the front room and enjoy the view of the unique cottage seating area.


Herringbone Pathway being Built
Completed Herringbone Pathway for Seating


Front path: Before

Initial Pathway - Before Victorian Design
Front Garden Dug Out in Preparation for Victorian Path Installation


Client Appraisal:

Grass Tiger provided an excellent service redesigning the entrance to our house and front garden. Their attention to detail was impressive and we were delighted with the finished product. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff and Mike who listened carefully and were conscientious about getting the design right and problem-solving unexpected issues along the way! The work took a little longer than we expected but that was due to careful workmanship rather than a lack of hard work. Mike and Jeff were very reliable and trustworthy. We would not hesitate to recommend them to others in the future.

Maggie and James – Kingston


Front path: After

Completed Victorian Pathway


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